Create a .csv document from the application

Create a .csv document from the application

Exporting participant data from the application is a great way to:
  1. Provide a member list by table group for table hosts.
  2. Keep a hard copy record of session participants to take attendance, or take notes that can later be entered into the application.
  3. Extract specific information for volunteers or staff to enter limited data into the application while keeping other information private.
  4. Provide a list for other staff or volunteers to make phone calls to remind participants of session dates, schedule changes, etc.
  5. ...and much more!
1. Login to the application. Select the Encounter Sessions/Retreats button.

2. From the overview page, select the desired session.

3a. Select participants on the left navigation bar.
  b. NOTE: Ensure all participants are assigned to a Group. If they are not, refer to: Assign and move participants from table to table in sessions and retreats.

4a. Select all participants by clicking the checkbox in the top left corner of the participant table.
  b. From the menu on the top right corner of the participant window, click the export icon.

5a. Select Excel as the preferred format and Save As. The document name will match the session name.
  b. Click the Save button.

6. Now you can set up your online meeting and extract the required data from this document to set up separate break out groups to be used in a video conference.
7.  Open the selected video conferencing app. Zoom is the application used in the instructions below, but other video conferencing apps operate in a similar way. 
     NOTE: In Zoom, you must first:
  1. Sign up - the basic version is free.
  2. Schedule the meeting before pre-assigning participants. Click Schedule a Meeting located in the top right navigation menu on your home page.
7.  Click here to learn how to pre-assign participants in Zoom using a template.
     (If you have trouble getting to page via the above link, go to: Zoom's Support Center > Meetings & Webinars > Settings & Controls - Scroll down to find the "Pre-assigning breakout rooms using a .csv file.")
8.  Open the exported .csv file of your session from Step 5 above. Copy Group column (F) to the first column (A) in the zoom template. Next, copy the email address column (D) to the email address column (B) in the Zoom template. 

9. Save the updated Zoom template/sample CSV file (with Column A = Group number and Column B = email address) to your computer, then drag it into the upload window in Zoom. An email will be sent to each person on the document to verify their email address. Once verified, the meeting will have pre-assigned breakout rooms outline in your document.

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